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martedì 23 marzo 2010

Two words about myself :)

Hello :)
I am Federica and I am a student of foreign languages and literatures in my own town.
I love what I am studying right now but unfortunately I am still undecided about what I want to become in the future.
I enjoy spending my time reading and looking for new interesting and inspiring sites on the web.

I do create lots of different things because I have different passions.
I have always been very curious to the world of crafting but it is only since last winter that I seriously entered it thanks to Etsy.
I started with crochet,one of the hobbies I love the most but then I have also discovered the world of felt which I like too.
I especially like the fact that felt can be used for so many different things and to create new original items.

I am inspired by quite everything!
I love walking and watching around me to find something interesting as well as I love reading lots of magazines which always have original and inspiring things in them.
I am also a daily visitor of lots of beautiful blogs such as Daydream Lily, Lovely Clusters and Mint design.

You can find me on

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5 commenti:

  1. Hi Federica, I just want to stop by and say "hello" because I saw you on Rachel's Blogger List. You are my closest neighbor on her list ;o). I truly love your creations you sell on Etsy - very inspiring.

    Best Regards from zurich



  2. Beautiful work and its so nice to get to know about you more. Have a great weekend!

  3. Great creations Federica!!!
    It's lovely to know more about you and your creations and hobbies ;)

  4. The fingerless glove is so pretty. I too so enjoy felt - both making it onself and also sewing with commercial wool felt. How wonderful to know many languages. Best wishes to you on your journey of becoming... and choosing a path and goal. Jane

  5. So nice to meet you...I'm so glad you visited! I love the little heart bookmark in your shop :)