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domenica 7 marzo 2010


Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

All children should believe they are special. But the students of Hailsham, an elite school in the English countryside, are so special that visitors shun them, and only by rumor and the occasional fleeting remark by a teacher do they discover their unconventional origins and strange destiny. Kazuo Ishiguro's sixth novel, Never Let Me Go, is a masterpiece of indirection. Like the students of Hailsham, readers are "told but not told" what is going on and should be allowed to discover the secrets of Hailsham and the truth about these children on their own.

I have finished this book last week.
It is quite strange but I absolutely loved it. It is so soft and very, very intense.
I appreciate Ishiguro, I have read lots of opinions about him and all of them were positive that's why I have decided to start reading something of him.
And it was such a good surprise to discover that I have to read another Ishiguro's book for my English Literature exam :)
Another good surprise was finding out that Hollywood is working on a movie based on this novel, and that one of my favourite actress, Keira Knightley is going to be in it!
Check the IMDb page.

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