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sabato 13 febbraio 2010

Today I am feeling...

Today I've make a Color Quiz and the result was that Purple is my color :)

You can make the same Quiz here!
Today, I am feeling ...


Creations by: High Tea Couture, Krishenka, Bead Stylin, All Made with Love and Live Carpe Diem.

4 commenti:

  1. How lovely what a neat collection to show your colour. I just did it and I am Red today!! Thank you so much for choosing my pendant to sit with your other lovlies.

  2. What splendid company to be amongst! I am purple as well accoring to this quiz...I use it in many of my designs. Much gratitude to you for featuring my 'Little Plum Riding Hood' in your display!

    *Deep Bow* many blessings, have a grand day!

  3. Hooray! One of my favorite colors. I am honored that you chose my earrings. Thank you so much! Lovely selections. :-)

  4. sob sob I am black ;(
    i love purple and the items that you chose are lovely ;)